Welcome To HennCredibly Dope

An item that’s always been on my bucket list is to compete on a TV game show. I think I’d kick some serious ass on Family Feud. But since that item isn’t being crossed off HENNY-time soon, I’m going to do the next best thing and create my own. With that being said…


First order of business, SHOTS!!!

You getta shot! You getta shot! Everybody gets a shot.

Everyone that is above the legal drinking age of course.

Now, this is a game I like to call “Whose The Real JT”

Make the correct choice and you can win… A BRAND NEW CAR!!!!!!!! Ha. You thought.

But seriously, there is a prize. What is you ask? Take a guess. That’s right.


Lets begin.

Our first contestant is a young musician out of Miami. He’s college educated, and enjoys teaching and mentoring the youth.

Contestant number two is an Ice Cold PHella. His mom thinks he spends too much money on sneakers. His hobbies include Henny & Chill and folding clothes.

The last contestant is a pure asshole. He probably drinks a little too much Hennessey, throws crazy house parties, and is too smart for his own good.

Now before you pick, I need you to do me one huge favor.


Back to the game.

If you only guessed one of these guys, you guessed incorrectly. The real JT is, well I’m all three of these contestants. The truth is, outside of creating a blog title, writing this “About Me” section has been the hardest part of the blogging process. I mean I could’ve just typed up some facts and accomplishments, but isn’t that what Instagram bios are for? Booking info coming soon.

Everything I post, whether its here on the site, Instagram (@henn_griffey), Twitter (@music_n_sneaks), Snapchat (justinkt10), or Christian Mingle, will reveal my beliefs, passions, hobbies, pet peeves, etc… So if this is your first time here or you’re a returning reader, you are now part of the HennCredibly Dope family.

Welcome, and always…



Special shout out to all those who’ve contributed to HennCredibly Dope:

Photographer: Shatarria Davis   IG: @notbadhuhh

Logo: Shayla Hall   IG: @lipstickndlashes

Logo: Kareem Virgo   IG: @iexpress.studios

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