It’s HomeComing

By: @henn_griffey

When you think of Daytona Beach, two things come to mind.

  1. The beach of course
  2. The annual Trump rally known as the Daytona 500

Sandwiched between these attractions is a house. And we all know who the head of this house is. But seated right next to him is a Proud, Black Mother. A mother to thousands of children who entered this house with hopes and dreams, and departed with a mission to serve.

Drive a few miles east of the racetrack, hook a left at the UHUAL, and you’ll arrive at The Ave. Make a right turn and you will immediately be engulfed in the heart of this house. Once serving as the home to Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, this house is better known as Bethune-Cookman University.

Haven’t heard of us? We were the school who protested Betsy Devos speaking at graduation. Yea, that school.

Every fall, Mary’s kids make our mass exodus back home.


If you search “homecoming” while doing your Googles, Wikipedia will define it as a tradition of welcoming back former students and members, traditionally in many high schools, colleges, and churches. However, if you attended Cookman, or one of the other 106 HBCUs in America, then you know there is so much more to the homecoming experience.

Yea you have the marching bands, Greek step show, diabetes sweet tea, and fried grease, but we all know the real reasons we go back to homecoming year in and year out. To flaunt that engagement ring, show off ya grad chapter line jacket, curve the women that curved you, we all got our reasons.

There’s no humbler experience than being a broke college student. No food, no money. But at the end of the day, we still found a way to get drunk, get laid, and most importantly, get the fuck up outta there with a degree.

That’s what Homecoming is about. Reliving those “glory” days while appreciating the lessons they taught you.

In celebration of the upcoming homecoming of the Great Bethune Cookman University, HennCredibly Dope introduces the “Homecoming” colorway to our famed “Henny World Order” collection


Before you making your annual trek down The Ave to the grill, order your “Homecoming” Henny World Order Tee. This is a limited, exclusive colorway. Once its gone, its gone. Don’t be caught without one.

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