Ass Hole Advice

By: @henn_griffey




Women across the world are beginning to have these sentiments with this weekend’s arrival of the universally detested side chick, NBA 2k18.

That might’ve been a reach, but I know the majority of ladies everywhere will agree that this game is in the top five on their sworn enemies list.

Now, let’s get one thing established. 2k is here to stay. It’s not going HENNY where, HENNY time soon. Want to talk about commitment? Guys have been playing NBA 2k longer than they’ve been in some relationships.

Ladies, ignore what your timeline is telling you. You are in no way, shape, form or fashion losing your man to NBA 2k. If we keeping it a hunnid, 2k is one of many vital stitches in the fabric of a relationship.

We get it. You rather us clean up around the house, or finally complete that task you’ve been begging for us to complete all summer. Hell,you just  want that quality time. Kickin’ it on the couch like Issa and Lawrence, before she, you know…Nevermind.

I’m here to tell you ladies that you’ve been looking at this all wrong. Think about it. When ya boo is playing 2k, guess what he’s not doing…

  1. He’s not going out with the fellas and…Entertaining “hoes”
  2. He’s not on Social media… Entertaining “hoes”
  3. In Groupme…. Entertaining “hoes”

That’s enough.You all get the point.

I can hear y’all screaming now

“All y’all wanna do is play that damn game!!”


That is all we want to do.

But the next time time you see ya man customizing his MyPlayer, don’t runoff and sulk. Tell him to scoot his ass over and grab the sticks. That means controllers.

Ask him to show you  how to you play, and once you got it down, PRACTICE. Like every chance you get. Become a beast. Play against your man, and beat him so bad that he has to go stand in line and buy you that new Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Foundation in shade 40.

But wait, there’s more.

You catch some chick tryna steal ya man. Don’t lose ya job trying to fight her. Naw.  Simply instruct her to grab the sticks and meet you at the Park.

Take your Shot Creator, Playmaking Point Guard and hit her with the

1 Dribble


Between the Legs


Between the Legs


Between the Legs





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