By: JT

This weekend, Miami based producer, record executive, and certified hit maker DJ Khaled released his tenth studio album Grateful. Executive produced by his newborn son Asahd Khaled, Grateful brings together the biggest names in Hip-Hop and R&B mixes them better than Jeezy, T.I. and Gucci all cooking in the same kitchen. Jam packed with the sounds of Miami Jook Music, New York Boom Bap, New Orleans Bounce and Southern Gospel, Khaled delivers an album for HENNY and everybody.

After listening to the album, I have just a few questions for Khaled, Asahd, and the rest of the music loving public. Here are my

Questions That Need Answers


  1. How did you ruin Travis Scott?

OK maybe ruin is a bit of a stretch, but most of the songs featuring Travis Scott were trash. Pure hot garbage. Well at least how he sounded on those tracks. I can argue that these songs would be better if you take Travis off the song. The best of the four, and the only one I liked, is the Calvin Harris assisted “Don’t Quit”. Travis is on a stretch right now where every song and guest verse he’s done has been flames. Except for the majority of the songs on Grateful where he’s featured. His vocals and ad-libs seem to clash with the production on this album. I was hyped to hear “It’s Secured” with Nas, but that turned be one of the worst tracks on the album.

Speaking of Nas…

  1. Where’s the album my G?

On Major Key Nas told us that the album was done. A whole year later there’s still no album. Nas recently announced he’ll be going on tour with Lauryn Hill. Fingers crossed that the album will drop before the start of the tour.

  1. Is anyone signed to We The Best?

One of my few knocks on Khaled, aside from all the yelling, is the lack of shine his artists receive. I haven’t heard from Ace Hood since Jesus died on the cross. And what happened to Kent Jones? He was all over the radio and bodied his verse on Major Key last year. Khaled always brings together some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop. I hope he hasn’t forgot about the names he’s somewhat responsible for.

  1. Can we get a Nicki Minaj and Alicia Keys joint project?

I didn’t expect to like this song as much as I do when the tracklist was first announced, but “Nobody Knows” may be the best track on the entire album. Someone needs to lock them in a studio together and throw away the keys. Both ladies are talented enough to put together a solid four to five track EP and an amazing female empowerment anthem is sure to emerge.

  1. How long before the ABC’s are taught via twerk/bounce music?

Another standout track on Grateful is “I Love You So Much”. A Marvin Sapp sampled, New Orleans bounce infused dedication to Khaled’s son Asahd. Its 2017, so I know a video of someone’s child dancing to this new remix of the ABC’s is coming. Let’s hope a Pre-K teacher isn’t out there incorporating twerking to the ABC’s in their lesson plans.

  1. Why doesn’t Khaled have a TV show?

I remember seeing an article that said Justin Beiber made Khaled play him in a hockey game before he recorded his vocals for “I’m The One”. I’m sure other artist make Khaled do some wild stuff for their features. If they don’t, they should. And a camera crew should record the whole thing. It’ll be funny to watch Khaled complete some off-the-wall task in order to receive the vocals for his next album.

  1. Is Big Sean dissing Kendrick Lamar?

“Roc-A-Fella chain, but you can still get Ethered”

First of all, talk about a BAR!!! People be sleeping on Big Sean. Back to the matter at hand. Ever since Kendrick’s verse on “Control”, these two have been allegedly throwing subliminals at each other. The most recent being K Dot’s “The Heart Part 4”. I think I can speak for the masses and say we would all love to see a lyrical battle between Kendrick and Big Sean. If this was directed at Kendrick, how long before we get a response?

All in all, Grateful is a solid album. Khaled has an ear and a talent for pulling these artists in and putting them together on his albums. With Asahd now executively producing albums, let’s see if he inherited the same ear as his pop’s.

What are your thoughts on Dj Khaled’s new album Grateful? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below. Don’t forget to share this post, follow HennCredibly Dope on all social media platforms, and always…

Stay True, Stay Positive


2 thoughts on “Q.T.N.A

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I haven’t gotten around to hear his album yet. I’m disappointed about Travis Scott! I heard good things about this album overall and I’ll take what you said into account when I check it out


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