By: @henn_griffey

This weekend, at Miami’s Bayfront Park, Dope Ent. Will be putting on their third Rolling Loud Music Festival. In a time where Ja Rule can scam people out of thousands of dollars for some sugar water and a mayonnaise sammich, the experience of attending this festival is worth every penny. What separates Rolling Loud from the Coachella’s and Lalapalooza’s of the festival world is that Rolling Loud is the only multi-day pure Hip-Hop/Rap festival. Last year I attended Rolling Loud for the first time and was able to see everyone from 2 Chainz and Future to Kodak Black and Lil Uzi Vert tear up the stage.

Now that I consider myself a Rolling Loud veteran, I’ve compiled a simple “Do’s & Don’ts” that if followed correctly, I guarantee you’ll be lit from the time you step foot inside Bayfront Park.

Without further ado, HennCredibly Dope presents:

Surviving Rolling Loud: The Do’s & Don’ts.

In case you didn’t know, Rolling Loud is an outdoor music festival. And you’re going to be in Miami. It will be hot. AF. All day everyday. So DO dress accordingly. A light T-shirt/tank and some shorts will be just fine. DON’T come out there with your thousand dollar Balmain jeans on. In that heat, those jeans will be glued to your skin after about an hour and a half. Not the most comfortable feeling ever.

Now, if you just have to be the freshest cat at the festival, I suggest picking only one of the three days to do so. Preferably Friday. The reason being, doors open at 4:00 pm Friday. Now don’t get me wrong, the sun will still cook like you a strip of bacon at four in the afternoon, but that sun is a way better easier to deal with than the primetime heat of Africa at noon. Get caught up trying to be cute for the gram if you want to, no one will mention how fresh you look as the paramedics are wheeling you out on a stretcher.

Speaking of the ‘Gram, DON’T give your followers and friends a free show. Did your followers put any money towards your ticket? I didn’t think so. I refuse to spend the entire weekend trying to upload hundreds of ten second clips to Snapchat, and neither should you. There is going to be 40,000 people in attendance. The cell phone traffic will be ridiculous. If you’re constantly trying to record and upload clips to your social media, your Motorola Razr won’t last more than an hour. I also wouldn’t suggest trying to go live too many times during the festival either.

DO record some of your favorite acts though. You never know when that artist will go on tour or if you’ll be able to see them perform live again. However, be smart about it. DON’T record an entire forty-five minute set. Record a small clip of the song you like for the memories, and then enjoy the rest of the performance. The best part about attending a concert or festival is getting lit with the people you came with and the people around you. You can’t really turn up if you’re busy holding up your phone recording.

This year, Rolling Loud will have free water stations. So DO bring an empty water bottle. As mentioned earlier, it’s going to be hot. Even when the sun goes down, it will still be hot and humid. Staying cool and hydrated is the key to having a good time at the festival. Especially if you plan on being under the influence of whatever substance you choose to partake in. DON’T get so turnt that you forget to take care of yourself.

For more information on what you can bring inside the festival, visit:

Another piece of vital information, DO take advantage of Miami’s public transportation system. Bayfront Park is in the middle of Downtown Miami. Between the one way streets and construction, traffic after the event is going to be a bitch. The public transit system is going to save you time, money, and a headache. Remember our cell phone conversation, there’s nothing worst than trying to re-up your parking and your phone is on 5% with no signal. DON’T think you can buck the system either. They will tow your shit down here.

Information on Miami’s public transit system can be found here:

Last but not least, and this one pains me to write, but as a Sneaker Connoisseur, DON’T wear your freshest kicks. With 40,000 tickets sold, that’s 80,000 pair of feet and 400,000 toes that can potentially trample your brand new Cocaine Cowboys Yeezy V2’s. Wear a comfortable pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

At the end of the day, go out there and have a good ass time. Check out your favorite artist, discover new artists, socialize with other concert goers, and always



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