By: @henn_griffey

HD family what’s good? Thanks again for the support you all have shown so far. Everything from the comments to the retweets, it is all greatly appreciated. Just in time for the weekend is the second “Roll, Light, Press Play” first listen music review. All of these music reviews are my thoughts as I listen to a new album for the very first time. If you missed last week’s review of Culture, be sure to go back and check it out.

This week I’ll be reviewing Big Sean’s fourth album I Decided. Having been a fan of Big Sean since his Finally Famous mixtape, I was anticipating the release of this album since “Living Single” leaked last year. Months later, I Decided is here. Pour up, shot, and lets begin.



  1. Intro

Album opens up with a guy talking to God about the regrets in his life. This conversation sets up the theme of the album. I remember seeing Sean mention this in an interview with Fallon or Kimmel. I’ll put the link below if I find it.


  1. Light feat. Jermih

Very smooth transition from the intro into this track. That “inside/outside” line was a reference to TWENTY88.

“Whole city got my back on some photo bomb shit”

That would be a DOPE as photo bomb. Big Sean has one of the best and most imitated flows in the game if you ask me. Song reminds me of “Unbreakable” by Alicia Keys. Wondered if they sampled that? 🤔🤔🤔

 3. Bounce Back

If I’m not mistaken, this was the first single for the album. Been hyped since this single dropped. Sean tells us he bounces back after taking an “L”. And there’s nothing wrong with admitting that. However, I think its best to look at “L’s” as a delayed “W”. Shout out to @bull1trc (Youtube, Instagram, Twitter) for the theory. I’m waiting for this track with Em to come on next though.

4. No Favors feat. Eminem

The Detroit collaboration fans have been waiting on. At least I was. Although I’m pretty sure there was a Detroit versus Everybody type record a year or two ago. Damn where is that sample from? It’s gonna kill me if I cant figure it out. Man where TF is Em? I’m gonna have to go byke and listen to Sean verse cause I’m honestly waiting on Em. And right on time he comes on snapping. Marshall with the Sandra Bland and Philando Castille mention. #BLACKLIVESMATTER ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾.Trump is definitely a bitch. I see what they were talking about in Groupme. Sean just let Eminem freestyle on the track. It was 🔥🔥🔥though.

5.Jump Out The Window

Loving this beat. Is that The Dream? Sounds like it. Nice chords from the piano.

“You walked in with a perm and now ya hair look like The Weeknd’s”

That’s real, but funny AF. And shout out Mario Kart. That’s was my shit growing up. How many people are going to use this song as an Instagram caption? Especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner.


Ayyyyyyeeeee this my 💩💩💩. Six tracks in and no complaints about the album. Favorite thing so far is the flow from track to track. Very few, if any gaps. Reminds me of YG’s first album. I need to get my tickets to this concert. Miami gonna have the best show on the tour. #420

7.Same Time feat. TWENTY88

TWENTY88 had a good album. One of my favorites from last year. Shout out Sean & Jhene smacking bellies and making DOPE ass music. Gotta add this to that late night playlist. Damn this a short song.

8.Owe Me

Another highlight of the album is the production.

“You was my American Idol the way you rocked the mic”

Does American Idol still come on? My mom used to love that show. She would only root for the Black folks though LOL. I can see this hook becoming the “Female Anthem of The Year”. Like the skits at the end of some of the tracks. Helps with the flow of the album as well as develop the theme.

9. Halfway Off The Balcony

“Over thinking cause my job is way more than a salary”


“Chemistry means way more than anatomy”

Another line we’ll see all over social media. It’s true though.

10. Voices In My Head/Stick To The Plan

A track I can definitely relate too. They say hindsight is 20/20 right? Damn wasn’t expecting that switch. Wheeewww that was live. I see ya Metro. Favorite track so far, and its number ten.



Sunday Morning Jetpack

This must be the “1 Man Can Change The World” of the album. You cant tell me “1 Man” and “Memories” isn’t the same song

“Who was jealous of me and Jhene”

There’s the confirmation. MAKE SOME NOOOOIIISSEEEEE!!!!! #DrinkChampsStyle. Weren’t we supposed to be flying around on jetpacks by now? Those strings are nice. If he has live strings on tour that would DOPE.

12. Inspire Me

Gotta love another rap song dedicated to the moms. For Mother’s Day this year I’m going to put on my own concert for my mom. I’ma start with “Dear Mama” and go from there. Be right back… lemme go call my mom.

13. Sacrifices feat. Migos

Ok I’m byke. This track should be flames. Speaking of Migos, if you haven’t read last week’s review of Culture, make sure you read it immediately after reading this review. Not really feeling this beat. Sounds empty. The bass would slap in my car though. Decent track, but I was expecting more.

14. Bigger Than Me feat. The Flint Chozen Choir & Starrah

Who is that ad libbing in the background? Sounds like BJ The Chicago Kid. They took off right quick. Love the beat too. Gotta find out who produced it.

“All I wanna do is make the city proud yeah”

Is this the regret from the intro track? I know this choir bout to take flight. It’s just a matter of time. The conversation with his mom summarizes the album.

There you have it, my first listen review of I Decided. Another solid album from Big Sean. “No Favors” and “Voices In My Head/Stick To The Plan” are my two favorite tracks on this project. As mentioned earlier, the production and track-to-track flow are two early highlights of the album. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share the site. If there’s any album, mixtape, etc…you want to see reviewed, comment below.



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