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          What’s up Henncredibly Dope family? Welcome to the first edition of my “Roll, Light, Press Play” music review. Today I am giving you a direct link inside my head as I write  a first listen review of Migos’ second album Culture. I’ll be listening to the album on a flight to DC. I love talking about music, so this will be the first of many reviews. With that being said: sit back, relax, and enjoy.



  1. Culture feat. DJ Khaled

Before I press play, I hope this track isn’t filled with Khaled rants and quotes. I fuck with Khaled but I don’t want to hear “Another 1” fifty-lemm times. So lets begin…  Of course the first voice we hear is Khaled’s. I’m feeling this beat though. Very “laid back” type of feel. I must admit, I was expecting a stronger intro track. Maybe this was a throw-away from Khaled’s album. Best thing is Khaled didn’t dominate the track. He was able to limit his rants to only two.

2. T-Shirt

       This beat is fye. “T-Shirt” is the perfect follow up to “Bad & Bougee”. This definitely should’ve been the opening track. The intro is trash compared to this song.

“Do it for the culture, they gone bite like vultures”- Quavo #FACTS

3. Call Casting

“How many chickens? You can get ‘em whichever way, Nigga trap turned Zaxbys”- Takeoff

          Dope ass metaphor. Imagine a trap house that was actually selling Zaxbys. “Lemme getta Big Zak Snak and that loud pack to go please. With extra Zak sauce”. LOL. Another great hook from the Migos. The pause between the hook and the verse is 🔥🔥🔥. Damn its hot AF on this plane (random thought). I’m fucking with this track though. Love the hook and the piano riffs in the background.“White boys in the game, call em Andy Milonakis”- Quavo. That’s throwback. What happened to that guy?

4.Bad & Bougee feat. Lil Uzi Vert

         Is it too early to name this the song of the year? Definitely hook of the year. Shout out to Offsett. Jit came on the track snappin’ on the first verse.

“Cooking up dope in the crock-pot”- Offsett.

I don’t know ‘bout you, but my mom makes oxtails in her crock-pot. Seeing anyone cook dope in a crock-pot would be funny AF.


You know you’ve made it when you ghostwriting for the President. Still Fuck Trump. Uzi’s verse is trash. I would’ve preferred a verse from Takeoff instead.

5.Get Right Witcha

          Big ups to the flute. Loving the beat already 10 seconds in. Ahhhh shit they done added the soul claps. Nice build up, reminds me of “Power” by Kanye. Whoever produced this track did they thing. Migos coming for the “Best Adlibs” title. MY favorite track so far. Definitely gonna be my motto at work.

“Mr. Townsel, can I use the bathroom?”

“Hold up wait…I’ma get right witcha”


6. Slippery feat. Gucci Mane

          GUWOP!!!!!!! Gucci been everywhere since he was released just less than year ago. About a minute in the half into the song, and I’m not really feeling it. Got hyped bout Gucci verse for no reason. That MJ/Pippen line was cool. Overall decent track.

“Bugatti on Forgis, and nawl I’m not crippin. I buy Ferraris like Jordans, I’m Mike and yall Pippen”- Gucci Mane

7. Big On Big

         Zaytoven on the keys 🔥🔥🔥. When you get the chance you gotta check out Ziggy and Gucci’s Tiny Desk performance. How does one go Big On Big? Serious question. Loving the energy of the track. Another classic Zaytoven track, my best beat on the project so far. Random Thought: Its dark AF out this plane window. Hella relaxing though.

8. What The Price

        Nice guitar to open the track, wonder who the producer is. The production on this project is A1. Great beat selection from the Migos. The versatility of the group shines on this track. Solid trap anthem from the group.

9. Brown Paper Bag

         Another fye Zaytoven beat. Hook is aight, one of the weakest on the album. I’ll say it again; Migos picked some great beats for Culture. Decent track. Not bad, but not great either. Takeoff has the best verse in my opinion.

“You talking about modern day rap, but don’t know the Culture”- Quavo #Facts

10. Deadz feat. 2 Chainz

          Oh shit a Migos and 2 Chainz collab! Who’s gonna have the best adlibs? I got my money on 2 Chainz. WHHHHHEEEEEWWWWW this beat is 🔥🔥🔥. Now officially my favorite beat on the album. The intro before the bass drops #LITTTTTT. I hope Chainz come on the beat snapping. Damn. I was expecting more from Chainz. Track still got me hyped. Takeoff legit TOOK OFF on his verse.

11. All Ass

         Lemme grab my singles before the song start. Who am I kidding? I go to the strip club to eat and drink. Not a money thrower. I’m definitely bout to hit this Dae Dae dance in the middle of the plane though. Speaking of plane…when this bih land? Not the typical “strip club anthem” but definitely a dope ass song.

12. Kelly Price feat. Travis Scott

Been hyped ‘bout this track since I first heard about it. The Travis Scott/Migos connection hasn’t failed me yet.

“She gone eat this molly like its rice” Is she gonna use chopsticks? 🤔🤔🤔 #QTNA

If you making a young lady sing like Kelly Price, then it needs to be the Kelly Price from “Ultralight Beams”. She took off on that song. This song reminds me of “On Dis Side” from Rodeo.

“She gone suck me dry until we land”- Travis Scott #SnakesOnAPlane

Damn this a long ass song. Way too much auto-tune at the end, other than that another successful collaboration. One of Culture’s best tracks.

13. Out Yo Way

Last but not least, the final track of the project. Nice beat. We all have someone who goes out of his or her way for us. Whether that person is a parent, spouse, sibling or friend, don’t forget to tell them thank you.

Hope you enjoyed the first edition of Henncredibly Dope’s “Roll, Light, Press Play”. After the first play through, I would say the highlight of the album is the production. My biggest disappointment would be the features. With the exception of Travis Scott, all of the features left me wanting more from the artist. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share the site. If there’s any album, mixtape, etc.. you want to see reviewed, comment below.


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