By: @henn_griffey


It’s Tuesday. September 11, 2007. I’m a junior in high school. Instead of being sad in remembrance of the terrorist attack victims, I’m sitting in the back of class HYPED AF, waiting on the bell to ring. On this day, Kanye West and 50 Cent had a head to head battle over record sales. After school, I hopped on the bus, went to Circuit City. Raise ya hand if you remember that store. I bought Kanye’s Graduation, grabbed some food, then headed home. Damn I was a nerd.

Nevertheless, this was almost a weekly trip for me. Up until July 2015, all new music in the U.S. was released on Tuesdays. This lead to a number of albums being leaked and bootlegged. Someone could buy an album on Monday in one country, upload it, and then send it to their friend in Australia, where music wasn’t released until Friday. In order to cut down on the number of leaks, the recording industry came together to create “New Music Fridays”. Now every Friday consumers can open their preferred streaming app and instantly have access to hundreds of new material.

Within a matter of seconds, someone can press play on their phone, open a social media platform, and give an instant opinion that can be viewed by thousands, if not millions of people. We see it on Twitter every week.


First Tweet: “Bout to bump that new *insert artist* album”. Time: 11:58pm.

Second Tweet: “MAN THIS SHIT TRASH B!!!!!” Time: 12:02 am






Bruh…. you only listened to two minutes of music. It works both ways. How is it a classic after the intro? The Beyhive kills me with this. They hear Beyonce take her first breath, on the first track of the entire album, and automatically start tweeting bee emojis and calling the album the greatest thing they’ve ever heard. Although I have not heard Lemonade (ladies don’t crucify me), ten times out of ten, Beyonce is going to deliver a solid album. I completely understand if your favorite artist releases an album, you’re already hyped going into your first listen. But it befuddles me how today’s society can call an album trash, or a classic after one play through. Befuddled is my new favorite word by the way. Shout to N.O.R.E and the Drink Champs.

Any way, back to the matter at hand. I believe that it is impossible to give an album that kind of stamp after one listen. That’s why I love the fact that music gets released on Fridays now. It gives me time to play the album all throughout the weekend. Usually by Monday, I can give a decent review or recommendation of an album.

It takes time to appreciate art. There are so many moving parts in an album, besides the words that are being rapped or sang. There’s the music, the production, the instrumentation. On top of all that, stories are being told, mental pictures being painted, a theme being followed, a point getting made. It’s a lot to decipher in one listen.

Twenty-sixteen was a dope ass year for music. I can’t begin to imagine who will be dropping albums in the upcoming year. Going forward, lets take the time to really listen before we hop on twitter and label an album Classic or Trash.

Happy Holidays and remember to always

Live Life HD!



One thought on “THAT SHIT TRASH B

  1. That’s why I got to listen to the album at least three times to confirm that I can bump to it…to me it’s tough to determine what can be a classic nowadays. Nice Blog


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